Guitar and Vocals

The band let me in ‘cause I had a cool car and was the only one who could drink enough to sing forty songs in a single night. With the smooth vocal stylings of someone who chews on rocks and gargles with whiskey, I was more than willing to take the job. Come out and see us I know you will have as much fun as we do.


Guitar and Vocals

He’s old and cranky (best to leave him alone). He likes fast cars and hot guitars! He’s been playing since he was a young lad (and still doesn’t know how). He is frequently heard saying he can’t complain (but he really does it well). Seriously, he loves playing music with all the guys in UTR and it usually shows on stage.



I started playing bass in High School and have been in numerous bands over the years. I specialize in bringing the low end thunder into our sound. Come out, see us, feel the thunder and have a great time!


Keys and Vocals

It wasn't until my parents ponied up the cash for the operation to remove the webbing from between my fingers that my constant banging on the piano key began to resemble music.  I'm currently two years into a 30 year program to bring my performance abilities up to a professional level.


Drums and Vocals

Been playing drums off an on for more than fifty years. Started playing in the 5th grade, played in high school bands and played with a Navy elite show band “Ocean Express”. Lowell LOVES being the back-beat of the UTR band.